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Triple Offset Ball Valve
    Publish time 2017-03-03 08:21    
Triple Offset Ball Valve

Size range:

2"-48"(DN50 - DN1200)

Pressure class:

Class150 - Class2500(PN16 - PN420)

Working temperature: 

-254℃~ +650 (-425℉ ~ +1202℉)

Body type: 

Two-pieces type, Top-entry type

Connection type: Flange end, Butted Weld end

Material type: 

Casting, Forging

Actuator type: 

Manual, Electric, Pneumatic, etc.

Standards and Specifications

Design and manufacture standards:

API 6D, BS 6364

Temperature and pressure class: 

ASME B16.34, EN 12516-1

Inspection and testing standards: 

API 598,API 6D,EN 12266-1,BS 6364

Low emission standards:

ISO 15848-1,TA-Luft,EPA Method 21

Industrial applications

LNG terminal station, Natural gas fractionation plant, Low temperature ethylene unit, LNG filling, Air separation unit, LNG ship, Tight shut-off condition, Chemical and refining
Product features
  • 1. Safer use

    Unique C-type valve core and three eccentric structure, no middle chamber design, avoiding valve chamber Accidents due to pressure rise caused by medium accumulation; Single valve seat structure is adopted, The sealing failure caused by the blockage of the spring valve seat structure by impurities is avoided.

  • 2. Long product operation cycle

    The sealing surface of the valve is free of friction, eliminating wear, increasing the maintenance interval of the valve, and the valve operation cycle is long.

  • 3. Lower media loss

    Fixed valve seat and torque seal are adopted, and the product seal is superior to the requirements of the industry standard (bs6364).

  • 4. Reduce maintenance costs

    Top mounted structure can be maintained online, saving maintenance time and cost;

    All parts of the valve have universal interchangeability and replaceability; Field replaceable seals.

  • 5. Low dissipation

    The valve adopts low escape sealing material and dynamic packing sealing structure. The valve meets the requirements of iso15848-1, Ta Luft and EPA method 21.