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Innovation & Technology

ROBVALVE is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and service of high-quality industrial valves, regarding product quality and timely service as the company's develop foundation, located in Lyon, the industrial and technological city of France. After many years of valve production and application experience, we have developed a new generation of triple offset valves to meet wider range of customers’ requests and higher demanding. The company regards the product quality, the technical support and the service to the customer as the company development program.

Relying on the advanced research and development, design, verification and mature manufacturing process and quality control system of ROBVALVE, ROBVALVE (Tianjin) Co., Ltd was established in China in 2015 to serve Europe, North America, China and other Asia Pacific regions.


Depending on different requirements from customers, we could offer products from vacuum to ultra-high pressure range, from cryogenic to ultra-high temperature range, covering many different severe conditionsand solutions, including oil&gas, LNG, refinery, chemical, coal chemical, power industry, heating system, etc.

Besides the Triple Offset Metal Seat Valve, we also produce: High Performance Butterfly Valve (API 609 Category B, MSS SP-68), Metal Seat Ball Valve, Resilient Seat Ball Valves and C Ball Valve.

Now our company has adopted MES intelligent manufacturing management system and lean production management concept to ensure the quality of each part and the traceability of full manufacture process.

The company adopts ERP / MES and other intelligent manufacturing management systems to implement the management concept of lean production, ensure the performance and quality of each manufactured product, and strengthen the traceability of products, we will continue improving and developing, offering customers with high-quality products and services.


For Certification now we have passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 

OHSAS 18001, ISO 10012, CE/PED Module H, API 609 A/B, API 6D, 

API 607, API 6FA, TS, SIL, ISO 15848-1, TA-Luft, BS 6364 and other related quality system certification or type testing approval.

Full set of certifications, please contact sales representative.